Update, October 2016.

Hello again. And it’s new release time, because Part 2 of the Vicarage trilogy is available on Kindle from 6th October. The first book in the series is advertised on here, but of course there’s that handy function on Amazon where you can read a much longer extract before deciding whether to download the whole thing. Part 2 is A Tiny Rural Parsonage, and it continues the story of the trouble-hit Devauden family, this time relocated to a horrible parish in a rural wasteland far away.

As you might expect, things don’t go according to plan, and the unlikely pairing of Alice and Derek struggles onward through a mire created largely by themselves. I’m pleased to say that their children aren’t turning into fragrant middleclass offspring any time soon, and Alice’s dreadful friend Rosemary continues to snipe from the sidelines. I didn’t base the rural location on anywhere exactly, but it’s a kind of parallel Midlands –  one of the featureless parts where you step off the motorway and you could be in any of five or six counties. However (sssh!) the Cathedral you hear mentioned from time to time in both books corresponds roughly with Gloucester. ‘Cos it’s lovely, and I imagine most readers will know of it as one of the finest medieval buildings.

I sent part of the Tiny Parsonage script off to the TLC editing/critical read service because I qualified for a free session this time – and I can recommend this service to any nervous novelists out there. I gained a few useful insights and even acted on them before uploading the whole thing. There isn’t much guidance for writers once you’re out in the world marketing your stuff, so if you need that extra push, try the TLC. Our regional writers’ orgs. generally advertise when the free reads are on offer, so you can’t lose if you fall into that shortage-of-regular-salary bracket….


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