Update, March 2017

It’s out! The Complete Electric Artisan has arrived – or rather, a small number of author copies are here, while Central Books (the distributor for Shoestring Press) gets the rest. As I will usually have a few copies in for sale, anyone who’d like one can contact me using the Shop Stop page on here, and I’ll get one in the post to you for the cover price of £8, which includes postage. If you’d like to know about Inspector Plank and his curious rural crimes, The Original Captain Boomerang, troubled office situations, and the main probIMG_kitelem with being a single woman at work…. here’s a chance to find out. I sent an earlier version of this collection in for an East Midlands-based poetry award; and while I didn’t win, the judging chairman Kerry Featherstone sent me a lovely quote which I’ve used as advertising blurb. Here it is:

‘Brilliantly imaginative, with echoes of Victoriana and the uncanny, but also able to deliver hard-hitting reality,’

Thank you Mr Featherstone, it really helps. Anyone who works on their own material at production stage will know about the dreaded blurb and marketing USP, and how embarrassing it feels to be advertising your own wares like a street hawker back in Dickens’ time. With occasional help from the regions’ literary workers, we can all get to the finish line looking polished and ready.

I have a few copies of Candleshoe still available, and anyone who wants this longer collection and a copy of the Artisan can have both for £15, including postage. You’ll save £2. Meanwhile, I’ll be out on the platform at Lowdham Book Festival in June, and doing Five Leaves Bookshop in Nottingham, on May 11th. Think I’m teamed with Roy Marshall for the Lowdham; he’s got a great blog focussing on all aspects of poetry, which you can also find on WordPress.


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