Update, September 2017

Well, what can I say. A week at Arvon is simply fabulous, dahling. I joined a course on musical theatre with the nicest bunch of people imaginable, who provided a week filled IMG_1267with laughter and song. It was exactly as honest and corny as it sounds. While I have no doubt that the tutors were rolling around laughing at what we’d done in the name of contemporary music, their expert guidance meant we could go ahead without feeling selfconscious about it – probably one of the biggest blocks to getting involved in any performance artform. Although I still can’t do one of my performance pieces without laughing, I feel as though I’ve made inroads into stagecraft and entertainment – factors which are going to help now I’m on the platform more often.
If you haven’t been to Arvon, I can’t recommend it highly enough. While it seems expensive on the surface, there’s a decent grants system which operates a sliding scale of contributions according to need, and once you’re there on the premises, you don’t have any outlay unless you fancy taking the local bus into Hebden Bridge, for instance. As it was, my week was so IMG_1274intensive that I didn’t have the time to go for a walk, let alone explore the area – so yes, it was cost-effective in the long run. I had the time to take some photos though, and here is the unique Yorkshire mill landscape in its late-summer glory.

Back to work with a vengeance now, as term restarts and a new batch of students flood in to my regional college near the bottom corner of Lincolnshire. I’m providing a workshop for Wolds Words later in October – looking forward to this, as Louth is one of my favourite towns and it’s always a pleasure to do stuff around this county. But my head’s still reeling from the words I wrote last week, and I’m hoping that soon I’ll have the confidence to integrate soundscapes with some of the poems I’ve written.

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