Update, June 2018

Well, I had the verdict at last – and it was a rejection from the press I had waited nearly a year for, under a competitive entry system involving readers’ panels. I came somewhere in the final 23 out of a script pile of 600, which means I did pretty well to get that far – because writing talent isn’t rare in the UK and thegarlic bulbsre’s a lot of us around. However it was still disappointing to realise I’d tied up a possibly viable script for a long time, making it ineligible for other things, only to get the useless-to-me unpublished runner-up thing.

Weeks afterwards and I’m still wondering about it. So near and yet so far; some of the readers thought it was funny, others thought it was irritating. Which, when you think about it, adequately sums up the reaction to most niche literature and comic writing. For each person who decided it wasn’t worth printing, another one said it was. So it’s time to focus on the positive and put my money where my mouth is; I’ve got the experience and I’ve run other people’s projects – two of them a good deal bigger than mine. I could publish it myself.

Therefore, dear readers, I’m in the process of asking around at the local commercial printers and working out how much I can put towards the cost. I don’t need a fancy print job, largely because I can add my own illustrations and other documents to make it more of an artwork later. And to this end, I’ve just spent the May bank holiday with a set of art papers and print blocks, creating little anagram poems to insert at the back of the book.

IMG_1304I’ll put progress reports on here, assuming I can get an affordable quote. As print costs have fallen drastically over the past 10 years, what looked impossible a few years ago is probably within reach now, even though I’ll be selling it myself and hawking it round at readings. You have to admit, that’s a better fate for a typescript than sitting for another year on somebody else’s script pile.

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