The Georgian Poets

I studied for a PhD, building up a lot of research material on early 20th century poetgeorgian poetss. This resulted in a book contract with the British Council Writers and their Work series in 1999, and it is still in print. Georgian poets as a whole don’t get the same critical attention as ‘War Poets’, but it was important to write about them. They formed a body of work which balanced the better-known modernists, with Edward Thomas as the lynchpin between the two. This book can be ordered online, also from £10.99.

Starting to Writestudymates book

There’s been a massive growth in creative writing courses, which meant corresponding handbooks and inspirational guides from the educational press. I was contracted by Studymates to provide one for late starters and adult education students: this can be ordered from Amazon.

The Deceitful Calmblunden book

Edmund Blunden –  a selection of his poems, edited jointly with the poets’ daughter, Margi Blunden. EB’s Undertones of War is a standard work on the syllabus for World War literature, but he was first and foremost a poet. Copies of this selection can be obtained online, or from