Shop Stop

If you’d rather buy direct, I still have a few copies of the following milestonebooks in stock. Just contact me using the sensible means provided here, and I’ll get the goods across to you by jolly old Royal Mail. Let me know if you want the copy signed.

All prices quoted here include postage for the UK.

Daughters of the Last Campaign (Demeter Press) Now at £5. Surreal Edwardian adventures as three stalwart heroines attempt the greatest challenge of all. 147pp. This first printrun of 50 books didn’t go quite as planned, so it is packaged as an arts project with inclusions.

The Complete Electric Artisan (Shoestring Press) Now at £5. English Eccentric influence and a hint of Victoriana. 31pp.

Candleshoe (Shoestring Press) £8  ISBN: 978 1 90735 6940. Rural strangeness set in ancient & modern Lincolnshire.  67pp.

Secret Villages (Flambard Press) Now at £3   ISBN: 978 1 87322 6438. Dark pastorals and figures in the landscape.  48pp.

I can send Secret Villages and Candleshoe together for the discount rate of £10.