sea holly imageHello, and thanks for calling in. I’m a British poet and arts worker, currently based in the Midlands. I’ve got some books available, and you can read more about these by using the tabs above. Regular bulletins and other curious nonsense goes on Twitter at rennieparker, while the details on here will change occasionally.

nottingham wired venueYes that’s me, holding forth at a venue in Nottingham a while ago. The image doesn’t vary much; I usually look like that. Using a reading stand really helps me perform better, so I tend to have it with me. I particularly like the sign on the shop window in the background.

Meanwhile, if you like blogs which discuss poetry in progress, the writers’ experience and poetics, I can recommend the following sites: (Matt Merritt) (Maria Taylor);, and the Unsuitable Blog by Happenstance Press. Anything from Nine Arches Press and The Rialto is also a good place to start. Heck, they’re even better at negotiating the metadata than I am. They have the sidebars and all that.